Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My trip!!!

Since i haven't talked about my trip to Penticton. I thought i would talk about it!! The kids and I had a great time. My grandpa and Nia came on Thrusday. So we hung around with them and we went to the lake to do some swimming. My grandpa left on Saturday back home. Saturday my sister(younger) sister went to sleep over at her friends house. My dad took the kids and I to Okanangan Lake to see the SS Sicamous. That ship was so nice. It was from 1914. Also on our way to the SS Sicamous we saw this 
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A giant peach on the beach. It was so cool!

I took so many pictures of our trip but since i deleted my pictures too much my SD card didn't work and i lost all of pictures. I was so mad! But on the other hand i still got some pretty good pictures. Erica(younger sister) took more pictures that i hope to be getting in the next little while. Erica is busy working, so i will have to patient and wait.

Jasmine, Justin, Trevor went Jetskiing with my dad. Jasmine fell off the Jetski. My dad let Jasmine drive and she went really fast. My dad had to pry her hands of the throttle. Other than that the kids had a blast! They also went to Summerland with Susan(StepMom) and they saw a movie, went to Summerland Sweets got some free samples. They also did some mini-golfing, went to the driving range with Grandpa, went on the bumper boats.

The rest of my family showed up on Sunday. It was great too see the family again. On Tuesday the women went Jetskiing. It was so much fun. A few times i thought i was going to fall of but i didn't. We also did alot of swimming since it was so hot out. At night i had to put lotion on since my skin dried out.

All in all, we had a fabulous time! Can't wait until next year!
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It does sound like you had a good time. :o)
Sounds like a blast! I like the new template.
Sounds like such a great time...making memories for the kids...what a wonderful thing you have done for them.
It sounds like your trip was alot of fun! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Your children will cherish the memories from these trips.
Looks lovely. Glad you had a great time away.