Friday, August 10, 2007

New templates & Trip

It really isn't a new template since i have already had this one, but i decided to change my template.
Trip to Penticton

Day 1

We started off the day by catching the 8:10 ferry from the Westview Terminal to Little River over in Comox. We had to wait for my dad for about 10minutes. Then we headed to Nanaimo to catch the another ferry to get to Vancouver. The ferry ride to Vancouver was 1hr & 35min. So after the ferry we headed up to Penticton.
We stopped at the TransCanada Waterslides in Bridal Falls. The kids had a blast. I took Candace down a 1m waterslide. She got scared so i took her to the kids waterslides and she played until it was time to go. Since our reservations at the campsite wasn't until Wednesday at lunchtime we found a place to spend the night. Then we headed up.

The kids had soo much fun at the Waterslides. I took Candace down a 1m waterslide and she didn't like that at all. So she spent the the rest of the time going down the kids rides. I went down the waterblaster and the blackhole. The waterblaster was my fave, in the blackhole i got stuck since the water wasn't going fast enough. After the waterslides we headed up. My dad was getting tired so we found a place to spend the night and that is what happened on the first day of our trip.

Do more of the trip later on today or tomorrow.
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Looks like fun. My boys would love a place like that.
That looks like so much fun....what a great place to take kids!