Sunday, July 22, 2007

Still Here!!

I haven't been blogging because there really isn't anything to blog about. The last three days of the trip was just hanging out at my mom's house and Jasmine and Justin went swimming at the pool while me and candace went to one of the elementary schools. The school has a really cool playground that she have at. I basically wanted to stay out of the sun since my arm was burnt.

The trip home went fairly good. It was the first time that Candace has ever been on the Greyhound bus so she was excited to go on the bus. She had a nap between Port McNeil and Woss. I woke her up in Woss to go to the bathroom and to get a snack.

So that is it about my trip. On Friday i bought a SD card for my digital camera so when i go to Pentitcion I will be able to get more pictures. I can't wait, i am getting excited.
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Sounds like you had a great and relaxing vacation...except for the sunburn. Did you recover from the burn?
Thanks for visiting my site! I always love meeting new people in bloggerland! I will be back to visit again and feel free to visit my page anytime!
Can't wait to see the pics! I took a Greyhound from Oklahoma to Washington state and back once. Not as bad as people make it sound. Glad your back!