Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am so excited!!!!!

Tuesday me and the kids are heading to Penticton. I can't wait. I get to see my dad and his side of the family. I get to see my niece(which i am totally excited about). I will be taking lots of pictures on our way there and while we are camping. We will be gone for 8 days. So stay turned i will probably have alot of pictures to post!
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have a great time! You have been going on some fun adventures this summer:)
Have fun! Can't wait to see pics!
I love Penticton! If I had my way we'd go there every summer.
Ooooh, more fun....have a great time!
Have a safe trip and have fun!!!
Oh, another Vacation!!! Enjoy your self and don't forget the sunblock this time ;)!!!
Looks like fun! I have never heard of it before so be sure to post lots of pictures!