Friday, June 8, 2007

Candace's Orientation Day

yesterday Candace had her Kindergarten orientation. She did good. Wasn't able to get any pictures of her day. The teachers took the class around on a tour of the school. I thought Candace would want to come to me, but she didn't. She came back and was so happy. While on the tour, i guess the teacher say a song, and Candace told me the song. They sang "itsy bitsy spider. I can tell that Candace is excited to start school. I will be of course be getting pictures of Candaces first day of school. I have no idea what I will be during with my time when she is at school. I wish that kids can stay young forever, then we(parents) wouldn't have to go through all these emotions.
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And just when you get use to it the start high school and the emotions well up again!
When Caleb was 3 months old I was talking to my aunt about how fast he was growing. I told her that I wished I could keep him little forever. She told me something that I have never forgotten and I think was the best parenting advice I have gotten in my 8 years of being a momma...

You always need to thank God that they grow and change. If he didn't there would be something wrong with him. And you don't want that, right?

She was so right. It is always bitter sweet when they reach a new milestone, but I always take the time to thank God for giving me my three healthy boys.

Hope this helps you have happy tears on the first day of school for Candace.

And just so you know I will have happy tears next year when Brayden starts school too... :o) :o) :o)
Sometimes I think it is harder on the moms than the kids when they start school and all of the other firsts.
That's great that Candace enjoyed K registration & that she seems to be excited about starting. I agree, I think it is tougher/harder on us moms when our kids start K~I cried when Justin started & I worked at his school~in the room NEXT to his!!!! You'll both be fine though & sure you'll miss each other while she's at school but you'll cherish what time you have w/her more (not that you don't know, I'm just saying, the time you DO have w/them when they start school is more precious!~hope you understood that :)
Wesley's first day of K wasn't so bad because he went to the private school that I was a teacher at! He had also gone there since he was 1 1/2! So, we knew everyone! But when he started 1 st grade that was a whole different story! He was off to the big boys school:) I was so sad, nervous, scared, and excited! It must be so hard to send the youngest one off though!! I am so glad that she enjoyed it though! I am sure it will make it much easier!
Ohhja, I can't believe how fast they grow as well. They have just been babies and now they go to preschool....