Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beautiful Weather For this....

It has been such beautiful weather around here lately, that I decided to wash the pool for Candace. She has fun in the pool, but I can't wait until we can go to the beach and have some real fun. In the meantime, Candace can have fun in her pool.

This pool used be Jasmine's. I got for Jasmine when she was 3yrs old. So I have had for all 3 kids to enjoy. I can't believe I have had for so long and it has lasted. I lost the plug for it though. SO we use a dishcloth to keep the water in(LOL).

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It looks like they're having a blast w/the pool :) That's great that the pool has lasted that long! That last pic of Candace is too cute~she's such a cutie :)
Great pics. They look like they are having sooo much fun! Such a great activity for children in summer. Sad thing is we have been getting a cold wind from the ocean and rain constantly....I can't wait till it warms up!
Looks like so much fun:) Candace is loving that!!!
I use 2 have a pool just like that!!! how fun.
She has a very sweet face :).