Thursday, May 24, 2007

Balloon Fun & Shanilie tagged me

What would happen if i didn't blog

1] I would be in bed earlier!
2] I'd spend more time outdoors!
3] I wouldn't know all of YOU!
4] I would be cleaning my house.
5] I would spend more time outdoors
6] I would spend more time with the kids
7] I would be making meals on time
8] I would watch more t.v.
9] I wouldn't have these cool memories all typed up and ready to read
10] I wouldn't have a cool way to share pics with distant friends and family

justin's birthday is coming up on June 10. So i bought some party stuff. Candace took some balloons and blew them up and had some fun with them.

Nothing else is new around so I haven't been blogging much. Not much to say I guess. If you can give me some topics to talk about I will be more than happy to talk about them.
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Balloons and kids just go together for some reason. Great pics.
Balloons and bubbles; our kiddo's need to get!!!!
Aww, such cute pics of Candace! She & Kendall would get along great~he LOVES balloons!! As far as blogging, I haven't blogged much lately either, not because I can't think of anything to post about, I just don't have time, LOL! I've been SUPER busy the last month or so.
Everyone who has been tagged with this has had the same #1 response- I would be in bed earlier!
Isn't that the truth? I could get at least another good hour or two of sleep a night if i weren't blogging!
Kids just love balloons. Enjoyed the meme. Thanks for participating. Have a great weekend!
Hi, such beautifull pics of your little girl.
Regarding blogging, the same with me. We had such wonderful summer weather, just didn't have the time for blogging. By the way the new layout of your blog is great!! I'm thinking about something new as well, I'm just not so good at such things....