Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bubble Time

Bought Candace some bubbles today and she is so happy right now blowing bubbles. While I am writing this she is fun blowing bubbles.

This is too Cute

Candace is fully potty trained. Everytime candace needs to pee, she says "Oh Oh, I think I'm going pee!". It's so cute. She is fully night-trained too. She has had only 4 accidents. Which I think is great. One time she had to go pee during the night and she went pee ont the toilet. I am so proud.. She had problems with potty-training that I am so excited that she hasn't had an accident in her underwear.
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wow good for her! my daughter just went "poo poo on the potty" on mother's day for the first time. its a pretty big deal. we made "potty mupcakes" (cupcakes she loves) for her achievement! we keep enticing her to practice and sit on the potty but she's not 100% into it. i know when she's ready it will go faster, but can't wait for that day we can say she's fully potty trained too!
I love blowing bubbles with Jacob!
Bubbles are so fun! When Wesley was little I had to blow bubbles constantly! Finally, I bought a bubble machine because I was getting light headed! LOL! Now he blows them for Lani!

Hooray for Candace! She must be so proud of herself:o)
Bubbles are a definite sign that summer is here!!!! It's such a fun & inexpensive activity...and kids LOVE them!
Bubbles are one of the best parts of summer!!!
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