Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Water Fun!!

I was outside playing with Candace today. We were playing with the hose. As you can see Candace got soaked and i got a little bit wet. Candace had a lot of fun playing so much

that she tired herself so much that she fell asleep around 7:45p.m.

It's nice when they fall asleep early.
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what a cute pic of the chair nap!!
I love when Caleb plays in the water hose or sprinkler, so cute.
CUTE! Wesley loves playing in our hose!!! YAY for falling asleep early! I hope you had some time to yourself:)
Fun times. I remember those days. Love the name Candace by the way!
Aw she's so cute! My eight year old boy decided to go play in a mud puddle the other day. It wasn't so cute!
Ohh, she is so cute sleeping. The girls love to play in the water as well. And at the moment we just can dream for such early sleeping hours....:-)))
Looks like she had a great time and definitely wore herself out!
ADORABLE pictures. I am new to your blog and just wanted to say hello. :)
Not much better than one going to bed early, except all of them going to bed!!! Cute pics.