Saturday, June 2, 2007

I also like this one too..

So, beach season is coming quickly upon us, so I decided time for a beach scene blog skin! I love going to the beach.

I am thinking about putting my blog to private. I don't know yet. It all depends on how many people e-mail me to want to keep reading my blog. It's just a thought. If you want to keep reading my blog leave a comment. If I don't get that many i will stick to keeping my blog open
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Why would you make it private? Even if I dont comment each post, I do read your blog!
Why private? I think it is fun to "meet" new people through the world of blogs.
I read your blog :)
I do read your blog even if I don't always comment! Not so great about that:(
Leave it open!
I am definitely a lurker but I occasionally comment--when baby Chloe lets me! I say keep it open!
Leave it public. ;-) unless you have someone who is bothering you...hope it's not me lol...then switch it too private!
I read your blog too :) I agree w/Mason & Terri's Mom~I wouldn't switch to private unless you had hateful commentors/an issue or fear concerning your children. BUT, it's your blog & your choice~just let me know if you do decide to switch, I'd still like to continue reading :)
Oh, I meant to say while I was commenting~I like your new template. Do you have to pay for those?!?
I would love to continue to read your blog. :)
I guess you have to do what is right for you, but if you do make it private, I would love to be included!
i doooo