Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is it just me...

So I was looking at my comments from a post I did awhile ago and i found this comment
Anonymous said...
too bad ya have to live in a trailer - looks pretty small and rundown

Is it just me or was this comment offensive. I wish if someone was going to leave an anon comment to live a name. By the way, if the anon person reads my blog again the trailer you saw in the picture was not the trailer I live in. That's all I have to say about that for that for now. What do you think about that comment. Rude or not rude?

P.S. if you are curious what post it came from. It was the day I made muffins and cookies
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I would be VERY offended by that comment!!!! It was most definitely rude & if people are going to comment like that, anonymously at that, they need to keep it to themselves! Sorry you had to experience that but don't let it get you down~they will have succeeded & you don't want that ;)
Of course this is rude. What do these people think when they write things like that. Don't be to angry and annoyed, this is all these people want to achieve.
some people are just stupid!! they are probably jelouse of you and this is the way they act out. Sorry you had someone do this
Yes, I admit that was a very insensitive and offensive comment. What some people do is limit the comments on their blog to only those who have blogger id's (no anon comments). At least then you have an idea of who is commenting.
Hi summer, I took you on my blogroll. I thought I already did, but today I realized I didn't. I hope it is ok for you?
Yes that comment was very rude and i would be offended by that also.
When people say "too bad" that usually means they feel sorry for you (in most cases)
Don't you love how when someone comments like that they never leave there name? it's cause they know it's a comment you wont like. I've had a few of those.
It's a shame that people still attach stereotypes to trailers... I'm sure you are familiar with them. You know, that people who live in trailers are "trailer trash", etc. I think it's really pretty dumb, because a double-wide is really not a bad residence.

I know personally, as a single person, if I bought/rented a home I would want a low-maintenance or maintenance-free home, like an apartment, townhouse, condo - or a trailer! Costs less, easier to maintain, and really they are very nicy homes. People are so ignorant.
Yes it was rude. Some people just don't think before they speak (or type).
Very, very rude! Some people are so mean!
*ugh*!! I can't believe how rude some people are! Don't let it bother you because that is just what this person wants!!
Totally rude and inappropriate. Anonymous comments really bother me.

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls
Oh some of the comments complete strangers leave. Gurr. I would definitely have been offended by the comment. I know many people who live in very spacious and nice trailers I almost even bought one too! I don't know what is with people.
Oh my gosh, YES that was most definitely offensive. Some people are so materialistic and totally rely on stereotypes b/c they aren't smart enough to figure out that where you live has nothing to do with anything important. I personally hate anonymous comments. Those people are so cowardly and just do it to be hurtful.