Friday, March 30, 2007


So I was going through my wallet today. While I was going through my wallet, I found $20 in the change pocket of my wallet. I was like "Right On". I am wondering now how long the money has been there without me knowing. I will probably save the money to buy the kids some Easter stuff since it is next weekend. I better hurry up and buy something before everything is gone. I didn't realize it was coming up this fast. i thought I still had time. I guess I will go Monday when the kids are in school. The kids have Thursday,Friday, and Monday of school. "Didn't they just have Springbreak?"
Justin is getting another award on April 4. I think it is for the Honour Roll. I am so proud of him, it will be his second on the Honour Roll. I am proud of Jasmine to. Even though she is getting C's and C+, I am still proud of her. At least she isn't failing. I keep telling her to try harder.
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I LOVE finding money tucked away in a wallet or a pocket. It always feels like "extra" money I could splurge a little with(maybe starbucks!). I'm very excited to be able to do Easter stuff with Payton this year, we did some last year but now that she's 2.5 it will be more fun!

Oh and your link to Connie's blog isn't correct, I think you forgot the blogspot in the address. Just thought I'd let you know.
Yeae, that is fun when that happens! I don't usually have any $ kicking around, but I would love to find some in my old coat pockets. I was doing some spring cleaning, taking out our lighter jackets and I found Ryan's grade 12 grad hand out! It has been in there almost 10 years now! Good idea spending it for easter. I always like to have a white easter bunny (I don't like the regular brown chocolate ones) and mini eggs. I hide them all over the house when Jacob is sleeping then he can look and find them.
That's always nice finding money that was hidden :) Great idea on using it for Easter goodies. I bought the boy's Easter baskets when WalMart 1st put them out before all the good ones were taken. Congratulations to Justin for his award~that's fabulous!! Congrats to Jasmine too~school is alot harder now than it was when we were in school, it seems.
Hooray for hidden money:) And congrats to Justin on his award!