Saturday, March 24, 2007


We have two dryers in our trailer. One is really loud when it is drying, and the other one overheats. I did the dumbest thing today. Since the dryer makes a loud noise while it is drying. I decided to see if the other dryer would work. WRONG!! Here is what I did: I take the first dryer out of its spot, put the other dryer in its place. Plugged it in, turned it on, and the dryer goes POP,FLASH,POP, FLASH, STINK. I unpluggeed the dryer right away. Luckily there was no fire. I am hopefully thankful about that. SO, I have one dryer left, but it doesn't work. Great. And I also have one boyfriend who won't fix it. All I am thinking right is lazy bum. Spends all this weekend at his friends house, over at his parents place, and he knows full well that our dryer is not working. So right now I have to hang clothes up to dry, which sucks.
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i would have a few choice words for my man...

did you??