Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I feel like such a fool...

Well, it turns out I am not pregnant after all. I got my monthly today. I am kinda depressed about it. I was kinda hoping I was. On the other hand, my so- called spouse was being so mean to me last night about it. He was saying "I hope it hurts". So I am glad that I am not. So, I spent money on the pregnancy tests for nothing. What a waste of money.
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Oh, I'm so sorry Summer. I know that must be kinda sad. I'm sorry you're having to deal w/comments like that too~that certainly doesn't make things any easier! Don't look at it as being a waste~we've all done that @ one time or another (I know I have)! Keep your chin up :)
I'm sorry you are disappointed!! Don't feel like a fool though...all the best as you sort through your feelings.
Don't feel like a fool. I have thought I was pregnant soooo many times! most of the time I have been wrong about it too. I used to use pregnancy tests but there is a pharmacy near by and the pharmasist told me he can do it for free! That is how I found out I was pregnant for Jacob. But you do have 3 beautiful kiddo's which is wonderful. The time may come, though if you are still planning and hoping for #4 keep taking your pre-natal vits and folic acid, those are most effective within the first few days/weeks of conception.
Sorry, about your dissipointment. I have been there before too. But everything happens for a reason. Take care.
So sorry Summer! No need to feel like a fool! We have all had a time when we thought we were pregnant:)
I'm so sorry, I know so good how you feel. And hurtful comments are not helpful I know that as well. Please don't feel like a fool. Don't think that you wasted money, I know I spent a lot for this.
I hope you are soon feeling better again.