Friday, March 16, 2007

Report cards & Spring Break..

So today the kids got their report cards. Justin did awesome. He got A's and B's. So that means he will probably be on the honour roll again. I am so proud of him. Jasmine did alright. She got C's and C-'s. She missed a few days of school, so that might mean the cause of it. I talked to her about saying no more days missed of school. I said to both Jasmine and Justin, you have to be puking,fever for anymore days off.

It is the beginning of Spring break for the kids. I don't know what I am going to with them over the Spring break. I think I might take them swimming and go to the park if the weather is nice.

P.S. Okay, I am going to say what the news is but it is a total "MIGHT BE". I think I might be pregnant. I feeling like I am. You know the symptoms gaining weight,peeing alot. I am going to be buying a pregnancy test on this coming Tuesday. So if I am I will post the results then. I have been wrong so many times before, but this time I might be right.
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As a teacher, I can tell you that every day a kid misses really sets them back. Of course, sometimes it's unavoidable; if they're sick ,then by all means, keep them home. I just have so many students whose parents let them stay home for every little thing, and this is usually the kids that REALLY need to be in class every single day. OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Congrats on the maybe exciting!
Wow, Congrats! I figured that may have been the news. Keep us posted on what the test says.
Have you been trying for #4 for a while?
Hi Summer, that's exciting news...maybe! I hate the waiting just to see if you're pregnant. That's the worst part. Hopefully it will be good news.
Very exciting! I know whenever I though that I "might" be pregnant that was all I could think about! Fingers and toes crossed for you!