Monday, March 12, 2007


Here are the pictures to vote for.
I forgot to add one, so here is Justin.

This is Cooper

This is Kendall

This is Jacob

This is Taeya

"Brothers Gotta Hug"



Shawn King



P.S. Please vote by leaving me a comment telling me who your favorite picture. You can vote once and keep in mind you can't vote for your own.
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What a bunch of cuties! How do you choose just one?

First vote goes to Cooper.
Once again they are all so cute! I voted for Jacob on Drea's so this time I will vote for Taeya! It is such a great picture of her:)
Wow, what great pictures. So fun :) They are all beautiful. I think I would have to vote for Kendall ;) Sitting in the bowl....what a cutie. I love his blonde hair.
I agree w/everyone else~~it's difficult to pick just one but I have to cast my vote for Jacob :) He's such a cutie patootie :)
  At March 12, 2007 at 12:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Since everyone is going to vote for the babies, I choose Wesley! GRRR!
Uhhh, I'm too late to send in photo, but I'm going to vote for this cute little kiddies. Hard choice, but Taeya is so cool. I will vot efor her.

I don't know why I forgot to put your blog under my favorites, summer. I enjoyed it so much today. So you are among my permanent list for sure (besides don't want to miss another photocontest...;-))
Don't we all have cute kiddo's. My vote has to go to little Copper. But don't tell my!!!
They are all adorable, but I love Brayden's expression. :)