Saturday, March 10, 2007

Even though

Even though I had posted the pictures today. I am going to wait until Monday because I keep getting photos in. I would just like to say that these photos that I have received so far are great.

P.S. I am wondering about a prize that I can hand for the winner,second & third. Anyone have any suggestions? Your input would be great.

P.S.S. I am hoping that when people see the photos for the contest on Monday that they will leave a comment. Don't be shy to leave a comment b/c I am always hoping that new people will look at my blog and leave a comment. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a photo so far.They are great.
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how many pictures do you have?
I have 9 so far.
Can't wait 2 c them!! Unfortunatly I have no kids, or funny pics 4 that matter, so I will just enjoy everyone else's!
Hi Summer,
I made the front page of TopMomma. Come and give me a click...
and ask all of your friends to as well.
And I can't wait to see those pictures.
Look forward to seeing all the pictures that were entered. I don't know about prizes. I just have fun doing the voting part! have a good weekend
What program you could use to help do the tally is
You can write in the name of each picture and people can vote from there. Just an idea!