Friday, March 9, 2007


Since everyone has been doing a contest on their blog. I was wondering about starting one of my own. I am thinking about funniest pictures of kids or anything else. If you are interested tell me. Thanks.

Here how it will work. If you want to submit a photo I will tell you my e-mail address, post the pictures to the blog and then you can vote for the best picture.

P.S. Just an idea

P.S.S. You can find my e-mail address info in the Profile section.
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That sounds like an awesome idea. I'm defintely in~I have a really silly picture of Kendall from last summer! Just let me know when you're going to do it :)
I am in too. I have one in mind! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Sure...sounds neat!
Sounds good to me too.
I will see what I can find:) Sounds like fun!
I love photo's and photo contests. I'm interested.
sure, i'll do it! I"ll look for a pic and email you ;)
Great idea summer. I would like to do a contest some day too! They are fun :) I'll send you my picture soon.
Found you through Donna's -I Know I'm Not Alone-. Think I have a good picture of my little boy. I'm sending it your way.