Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Candace Coloring

Candace had a fun time coloring yesterday and last night. She was coloring off and since around 2:00p.m and she only stopped to go to the bathroom and eat dinner. She feel asleep around 8:30-8:45p.m. She is getting really good at coloring. I have every now and then to show her how to hold the felt. Other than that, She is getting really good.
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Hi, Nice to meet you through the land of blogging. Glad you stopped by and left a comment. I also have a little one that loves to color. Come back and see my soon.
Aww...I can't wait until Lila is old enough to color! I LOVE your children's dark hair/dark eyes, so beautiful.
She DOES color really well ;) I can't wait until Hailey colors in the lines...and doesn't turn the page after .5 seconds of scribbling on one page!! Way to go Candace!
Looks like fun! Wesley loves to draw rather than color! Gets that from his Daddy! I can't even draw a straight line:)