Sunday, March 4, 2007

What I like...

Here is a list of what I enjoy:

1) Spending time with family
2) Hearing my kids laughing
3) Cuddling with Candace
4) Hearing Candace say "I love you"
5) Getting Hugs from my kids
6) Hot Showers
7) Eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer day
8) Going swimming with the family
9) Camping
10) Watching T.V.
11) Going on the Computer
12) Shopping
13) Listening to music
14) Talking on the phone to relatives
15) Drinking Pepsi
16) Playing with the kids
17) Taking the kids to the beach
18) When the kids have a smile on their face and they aren't fighting or arguing
19) Sleeping in
20) Knitting

That's all for now. I got to put the kids to bed. If I think of anything to this list I will add it on later.
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Good list.
How sweet~what a neat idea for a post!
I like your list. A lot of good ones. I love cuddling with Jacob and knitting and doing other crafts from time to time. I can't wait till it gets warmer then I can go across the road and spend my days at the beach!