Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a good, but stressful Morning

As most of you know Candace had her Dental Surgery today. What a brave little girl she was. She was talking to all the nurses saying she was getting her teeth fixed today. The nurses were so nice and made Candace so not feel scared. They were talking to her telling what is going to happen. One women that works with the abulance was playing a game with her. Which I thought was great. So Candace is really well but I could tell she was nervous. So I was strong for saying that everything was going to be all right. So we put our growns on went into the OR room, then I lost it, not Candace but me.I was very strong for until the doctor put the mask over her mouth, the doc said " She is going to jerk and move around untilshe falls asleep". That scared me alot and knowing me I started to cry. I was really scared when she fell asleep. But all in all Candace was a real trooper. Once she woke up, she didn't cry, wasn't fussy. Nothing. She made a liar out of the nurse, who said she will be cranky, not my Candace, She was a very good girl. Here are some pictures of this morning

UPDATE: Candace isn't do as well as I thougtht she would do. We are at home and she doesn't want to do anything. She doesn't want to eat,drink, or anything. She has been getting sick(Puking). So all she wants is lay on our couch. POOR LITTLE SWEETIE!
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I'm so glad that Candace did so well today:)
What a sweet little angel. I'll say a prayer for her. I hope she starts feeling better very soon. Hang in there, momma.
Nausea and vomiting is the number one side effect of anesthetic. Please know that it is a very normal (and expected) side effect. You can try giving her some children's gravol to help keep her food/drinks down. It will help her tremendously. Also tylenol for the pain. And yes, you can mix tylenol and gravol together.
Aww, it's so hard to watch our kids go through tough stuff like this! Wishing her a speedy recovery - and strength for you to see her through her sick days.
I'm glad the surgery went well & that's it's all behind you guys now. Candace sounds like a trooper :)