Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just an idea..

So I got this idea from a blog. I have some ideas on what I like about some blogs. Not very many ideas but a few.

1) You are a very creative person when it is time for you to put together photos. I love going to your blog to see the pictures that you post. You have different ideas every time I go to vist.
2) I write comments on your blog but you don't comment back.
3) You have two sweet boys. One is my around my son's age and they have the same name. That is so cool.
4) I love reading your blog because you have different things to talk about.
5) I love going to your blog because you are into knitting like I am. I love seeing pictures of your little boy.
6) The reason I like going to your blog is because we are cousins and it is a way to keep in touch.
7) Your blog has a very differnt approach. You talk about anything and everything. One thing that bothers me is I comment every now and then and you have only commented once.
8) You are the one that comments the most on my blog. I really enjoy you as a blogger friend. I hope we can keep commenting on each other's blog cause I really enjoy it. Your blog is so pretty and it has many differnet folders on it.
9) I love going to yours because you have an adorable little girl and a very handsome boy. I got your address through my cousins.
10) You are a famiy of three. One on the way. I like your blog because when you post about your daily adventures you usually have alot of pictures to go along with your post. I wish you would comment more so I get to a little better.
11) I have two blogs that I go to and you have not commented once. I really which you would.
12) I love going to this blog because your daughter is such a little sweetheart. I love hearing how she is growing and her up and downs. I think your blog is very nice and I love going to it.
That is all I have right now if I think of anything else I will post again later.
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Hi Summer,
I'm scared that I'm 2, 7, or 11!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I'm sorry I haven't commented on yours yet, but I do check in every once in a while! I'll do my best to up my commenting :)
Great post. I just love these. It really makes people wonder. So fun! Am I #8? You mentioned something about folders and thought perhaps....anyway. I still feel like I should have said something more about yours for my #11 for you. I really appreciate your comments on my blog and the creativity you put into yous. You have the cutest children :)Thank you again.
Ya, it's hard to tell who's who. But I do know who your cousin is....

It seems you really like comments. I don't blame you. I like them too. I'm glad when you "outed" yourself you had a link on your profile to your blog...and also explained who your cousin was so that I could even find you that way. Perhaps people are not commenting because they don't have access to your blog. That was the case for me, as I mentioned, until just recently.

Anyway, horray for comments.
I love comments, you love comments, we all love comments.
Gimme a C
Gimme an O
Gimme an M
Gimme another stinkin' M
Gimme an E
Gimme an N
Gimme a T

What's that Spell? COMMENT!
So comment people. Comment already.

Sorry, that was just a little spit.
One more for the road.

At least I hope I made you smile....and that I made up for all my time of not being able to comment or find your blog.

Big grin.
I know that I'm #3 because we both have sons named Justin :) Thanks for including me on your list~I hope we can get to know each other better thru blogging. Thanks also for the comment on my boys :) You have adorable children :)
Ok,I know, excuses excuses. But it takes me 4-ever 2 comment b/c my computer is sooooo slow, & l/k 5 pages have to open up b4 I can write anything. So really once again, all my computer's fault...
I like your video's, bring back memories of spandex & purple eyeshadow.
ok...i'm also intrigued...which # am i? 2, 9 or 12? but i know i have never commented here, so here you go!

and count yourself lucky ;) i'm a really busy mom of 2 these days ha ha i'm not commenting much on anyones' :(

i think i need to set aside blogging time for myself since i really enjoy it.