Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Photos

So this weekend we rented 3 movies on friday night. The movies were Alien 3000(dumb), The Shaggy Dog(Funny), and "BarnYard" The Shaggy Dog and the Barnyard were very good movies(recommended). Alien 3000 was not very good. I watched a few scences and I didn't like it. I put candace to bed because it was to scary for her. Then I got up and watched the Shaggy Dog with Justin. Saturday we watched "BarnYard". Very funny. Sunday is a laid back day. Not much to do today.
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Cute Dora jammies!! Laid back Sundays are the best, aren't they?? Lounging around at home is my favorite thing to do these days! Have a great week!!
thanks Amber.
That sounds like the perfect weekend :) That's one of (my) Justin's favorite things to do on weekends (when we can afford it)~rent movies :) Glad you all had a nice weekend :)
Ryan and I do that on Friday evenings. We usually rent one get one old release free. So we get to rent 2 for the price of one. I really enjoyed Shaggy Dog. I really thought the acting was great. I almost liked it more for that reason. Love Tim Allen.
Sounds like you all had a nice relaxing weekend! We do netflix and usually watch one with Wesley on Friday night after Lani goes to bed! He loves that beause he doesn't get much time with us both!:)
Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments.