Sunday, February 11, 2007



So, this weekend was pretty good. Mario(children's Dad) came home for the weekend. It was okay. He came home to visit the kids. Yesterday he took Justin & Candace over to his parents place for a visit. Jasmine stayed home with me. I didn't realize that Mario took candace with him so I am searching the whole place for her, then I realized that Mario had taken her. I had a talk with Mario, if you take Candace with you let me know so I don't worry. In the past, Candace had a problem with going outside and wandering off my herself. She is finished with that stage of going outside without me or the kids. Oh yeah, we also rented some movies Bambi 2, Open Season, and Alien vs. Predator. They were all pretty good movies. Candace laughed at some scenes in Open Season and Bambi.


Have you ever had a dream where it felt so real. I did. Here is my dream. I was sleeping and Mario came in to wake me and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. The dream felt so real I woke up after the kiss on the cheek. It was kinda nice to have dreams like that. Today was kinda relaxing for me. Mario took all three kids to his parents place today. It was so quiet. I took a look through the photo albums today and I realized I have hardly have baby pictures of Justin. I feel so bad. So I have an idea on how to fix that. I have some video recordings of Justin as a baby, so I think that is how I will have some pictures of him. I hope they turn out.

OW!! Today, while I was making dinner I took the chicken out of the oven and I burned my arm. I hate it when i do that. There is loonie size mark on my left arm where i got burned. It's feeling better now if I don't touch it. Have you done that? Not fun. Anyways, that was my weekend. What was yours like?
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Sorry to hear about the burn! I feel your pain. Hope it gets better and isn't nice to have a relaxing weekend?