Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What we have had in the last week

I decided to take a picture of the fog we have had since Monday. It is driving me crazy. I wanted to take Candace to the park today but no such luck. Around 10:00 the fog lifted so I said to Candace lets go for a walk and then the fog came back. I hope the fog will lift tomorrow so I do something with Candace tomorrow.

I have started to knit a tic-tac throw. I have come along good. I have been knitting for two days now and this is how my progress is. There is a picture of my knitting underneath the post What do you think?
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Wow, you are a crafty person too. Fun stuff. Looked great in the picture.

Over here by the bay it can get foggy pretty much all the time. I guess I just get used to it. I enjoy the milder days. Hope you guys can get out soon.