Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Slideshow every couple weeks

So here's what I decided to do about slideshows. I don't have many pictures of Justin(bad mommy) but I got alot of recordings of him when he was little. I am going to be viewing Justin's video recordings and taking pictures that way cause I feel bad that I don't have many pictures of Justin like I do Jasmine and Candace. So I hope you enjoy the new slideshow. I will probably be changing it every couple of weeks adding new pictures of the kids. So I hope you enjoy them like I do.
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The music on your blog is great and it suits so well to all of the wonderful pictures of your kids. They are so fun to look at and you can see that you love them very much. Looking forward to new slideshows.
I'm on a friends computer so I am catching up on people's blogs. Good idea. I have always only had one slide show and it is from birth till presant. I guess I should start thinking of doing a new one soon :)