Monday, February 19, 2007


My Mom and Stepdad just got back from Mexico on Saurday. They went for 2 weeks. I have no pictures of the trip. They had a really good time. My Stepdad got burned twice. It rained for 4 days off and on. They did some sight-seeing, lounging around the pool.

Nothing new around here. Kid's are at school, Candace is watching t.v., and I am writing this post. Another boring day. Tomorrow I need to go to town. Pay my cable bill so it won't get disconnected,few grocries, pick up some pictures I took. And that's about it. Not much exictement. i hope it's nicer day tomorrow.
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Sounds a lot like my own days! LOL

Mexico! I'd love to take that trip! I'm glad they had fun. :-)