Monday, February 26, 2007

Been Looking for a new Template

Needed a look for my template and I picked this one out. I have always changing things on my blog. What else happened today? Today the weather has been crazy. It has rained,hailed,rained,hailed and rained. About 1/2 hour ago,it hailed so much it covered the ground. It looks like it snowed but it didn't. It hailed.
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Like the template, Summer. Hope you're feeling better!
Yes, and just now my car doors were both frozen shut, and I had to get a big amazon nurse to force them open. R we gonna ever get spring...? I am so ready for it!
I hope you start feeling better soon. Keep taking tylenol. Love the new color of your blog. I always love blue! If you are looking for some good templates there are several nice ones here:

Click on Blogger Templates (Classic) or Blogger Templates (beta) at the top. That is where I got mine.