Tuesday, February 27, 2007

80's Flashback

So I was looking through "YOUTUBE" and I started thinking of 80's sitcoms. Since I grew up in the 80's I decided to post my favorite Tv Sitcoms of the 80's. So here goes:

1) Growing Pains
2) Family Ties
3) Alf
4) Three's Company
5) betwitched
6) The Brady Bunch
7) Charles in Charge
8) The Facts of Life
9) Full House
10) Kate & Allie
11) Leave it to Beaver

Any favorites of the 80's that you have (sitcoms,songs,etc)?
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Got to love Alf. Seems like eons ago!
My husband and I were just talking about these shows the other day. We couldn't remember some of them though. Why is it that no good family shows are on tv any more? I miss sitting down to Full House, Family Ties, etc. I know there are reruns but that's not the same.