Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A couple of Videos and thngs I did today

Today I registered Candace for kindergarten. I kinda had a hard time though. I was talking to the principal at the school I want candace to go to and she started saying " you can't register your child without a birth certificate". I was kinda getting frustrated at that point since it takes 15 days to get a new birth certificate. The deadline for registering is March 31. So I went to the school board and I was asking them if it was okay to register with just a carecard and they said that will be fine. I will be ordering Candace a new birth certificate on the 20th of this month(just in case).

I also made an appointment today for the Kindergarten Health fair. At the health fair she will get immunizated. She will get screened for hearing,and Dental. her appointed is on May 4,2007. So i will keep you posted on how she does on that day.

P.S. I feel much better knowing that Candace is registered for school.
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Oh, that isn't fun. I have lost my purse before with Jacob's birth certificate in it. I got it replaced. It is a big stress though that's for sure. Ever since I keep most of my important doccuments in my safety deposit box, that way, even if there was a fire I would still have it!
How exciting that Candace will be starting Kindergarten! Although that means she is growing up:) That's a bummer about her BC! In the US you just go to the town that you lived in when the child was born and they print it up! For a small fee of course! Can't get anything free from the government:) I hope that it goes well for you!