Sunday, March 11, 2007

ABC's of Homemaking
I copied this MEME from Ellie. I thought it interesting and fun to do.

Aprons~~Y/N- No

Baking~~I usually make cookies,sometimes Cakes.

Clothesline~~Y/N~No, live in a trailer park. They don't allow clotheslines.

Donuts~~Yes, I get my donuts at Robins Donuts every once in awhile

Everyday~~The thing I do everyday is dishes and make meals

Freezer~~Do you have a seperate deep freezer~~Yes, it's in our kitchen/dining Room

Garbage Disposal~~Y/N~NO

H~~ (Hey there is no question for H!! What happened?)

Ironing~~Love it/Hate it~HATE IT! I don't do enough ironing to really like or dislike it

Junk Drawer~~Don't have one really. I use the top the fridge for pens and stuff.

Kitchen~~Very small kitchen. Just enough room for 1 person to do the cooking

Love~~What is your favorite part of homemaking~Cleaning when I have the time to do so.

Mop~~Y/N~Yes, I mop my kitchen and my bathroom. All other rooms are vacuumed as they are carpeted.

Nylons~~Don't wear them

Oven~~Do you use the window or open it to check food~Someimes i use the window, but looking through the window is too hard since i don't have a light in the oven so i use the door to check.

Pizza~~What do you put on yours~I put everything on it except for olives.

Quiet~~What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment- Go on the computer, knit, Just relax, sometimes I fall asleep for about 5min, then I am usually ready to go again

Recipe Card Box~~Y/N~Yes, I have it on top of the fridge

Style of House-- Trailer


Under the kitchen sink~~Nothing really, I have my plantpots under the sink

Vacuum~~How many times a week~Whenever it needs it

Wash~~I wash about 2-3 loads of laundry a day since my kids use alot of clothes

X's~~Do you keep a list of things to do & cross them off~No, takes too much time to make a list, I just "do".

Yard~~Who does what~My boyfriens usually does the yardwork, but we usually take turn

ZZZ's~~What is your last homemaking task of the day- cleaning the kitchen and then watching t.v.
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Feel better soon! Not fun. I enjoyed the meme. I may have to try that one too!
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Fun meme, I havent' seen that one, I may have to steal it!!

Have a good week!
that was neat