Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm Kinda Mad.....

Just like the title says. So yesterday Justin went to play with his friend. Didn't think much of it until he told me that the trailer 2 doors down invitied him and his friend inside to look at his parrot. I was like "Justin you can't be going into another person's house without my permission". I am thinking of talking to the neighbour about that. I don't even know the guy. I found out my the mamager that the man is gay. What should I do? I am thinking about going to talk to him when the kids get home from school.
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Oh my gosh!!! That's awful that the neighbor did that. You are right, children/kids can't be careful enough these days! Good luck if you talk to the neighbor.
K, but don't go jumping 2 conclusions just cause the guy is gay. Gay is not pedophile.. just keep that in mind. No different than straight! Not that that excuses him from inviting ur kids into his house..
Yeah, I agree with Christina. "Gay is not pedophile" But he shouldn’t be asking kids in to his home. Gay or straight that is not the proper thing to do. I would talk with him about it, just don't be accusing. And I would for sure tell you son to not go into other peoples homes with out your permission.
I agree with you, just at the thought, that the girls are invited into the house of a neighbour I don't know, watching what ever animal he has without my permission...uhhhhh.....gay or not, that is not the matter. At least I want to know it and give my ok.

On the other hand, we have a dog, a white german shepard, and kids love her and she loves kids. So very often kids pass by our garden and ask me if they can come in to play with Belana. When I have the time to show them how to play with her and the kids have a certain age I always agree. I must admit I never checked if the parents allowed their kids go to a foreign garden to play with our dog. I will be more careful about this in the future. Perhaps the same happened to your neighbour, he just didn't think about asking for your permission.