Saturday, March 17, 2007


Justin woke up with a cold today. Poor boy. I think it started yesterday morning. He was on his way to school and his ear hurt. So he stayed home school. Today he has a plugged up, running nose and is sneezing. He doesn't want to anything so he laying down on the couch watching t.v. Their dad is home for the weekend and Jasmine wanted to go swimming today but i said "no" cause it wouldn't be fair to Justin. So I think our weekend is going to laid back since my boy is sick.

P.S. Hope nobody else catches it in the family.
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Oooh, i hope nobody else gets sick!
I can't believe I didn't come back to vote for the best picture! After I did it early, i forgot to come back! Naturally, i want to vote for Taeya, but since that goes against the rules, i vote for jacob. that is one impressive tongue!
Have you taken the test yet???
Sorry to hear that Justin's sick & hope he feels much better soon!