Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am going to make a doctor's appointment first thing tomorrow to see whether or not I am pregnant. But I think I know for sure because I have been getting so many symptons. You know the symptons when you get pregnant. I wrote about this earlier but I decided to delete since you could barely see the results.

I have been starting to get a little of cravings. For the last three days for breakfast I have been eating yogurt with cheese(on the side, not inside the yogurt). So I have to wake up at 8:30a.m and make a walk-in appointment with my doctor. So I will post more about this tomorrow.
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If the pee stick indicated a positive test result....honey, you are pregnant. Medically speaking, you can't have a false positive result. You can have a false negative (being pregnant when the stick says you're not because your hormone levels weren't strong enough yet), but if that HCG hormone is in your body and the test is positive you ARE pregnant. HCG is the hormone that turns the stick pink or blue or makes two lines...whichever test you choose. You can't fake that hormone. If it's are prego. Just science, that's all.
Good luck~keep us posted & let us know when you know for sure :)
That sounds exciting...keep us posted!