Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I was looking...

I was looking at Wendy's blog and I noticed that she was tagged to list 7 songs that she was into right now. I noticed my name on her tag list, so I decided to list the seven songs that I am into right now. So here goes:

1) Rooms on Fire-Stevie Nicks
2) Final Countdown- Europe
3) Paint- Roxette
4) Hysteria-Def Lepperad
5) Without your Love-Sweetheart
6) Tainted Love- can't remember who sings it
7) I was made for loving you- KISS

I don't have anyone to tag so if you read my blog and want to list your favorite songs. Go ahead. I have more favorite songs but I decided to list these songs.
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Tainted love is by Soft Cell.

That's a neat Tag. I might do it if I have time.
Good for people to know.