Thursday, March 29, 2007


I was looking through the photo album and I found this picture of myself and i thought I would share it.

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It looks like you're doing pretty well w/getting your blog set up~Good for you :) That's how I learned everything that I've learned so far, just trial & error til I get it right :)
You're doing an excellent job Summer~your blog is looking great :) You didn't need any help ;) Thanks also for adding me to your blogroll~I appreciate it :) And, I meant to say this when I commented yesterday~that's a nice picture. Don't you love going back thru old pictures & reminiscing :)
Love the new look of the blog!!! Cute picture of your self too :o)

We still aren't sure what Andrew (Josh is my hubby) choked on. We had been eating corn chips, but he had just taken a drink before starting to choke, so who knows. But I know that there won't be corn chips in Andrew's near future.
Nice picture:) Isn't it fun to go back and see how much we have changed:)