Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have two questions to ask. One: How to do i change my blog without losing all of the details that are on my blog?

Second Question: How do I add a picture to my header?

I have been trying to get this Template called the Tweenty Template but when I use it, all of the features are off of it. Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks,it would be much appreciated.
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Hey there, Are you currently using the drag and drop blogger? When switching templates, you will loose everything then have to re-add everything, I don't know any way around that. As for adding a photo in the banner, you will have to have some knowledge in html coding and a photobucket account. I can help you if you like when you get to that stage. Some templates are easier to manage than others. Good luck in your template hunt. I searched for ages and had many that I messed up on but through it all I learned more and more.
Ask Amber, she's really good with that sort of thing.
Hi Summer,

I just saw your comment on my blog. I just went to & picked out a template that I liked & you have to download it & then you just add what you want to add & take off anything that you don't want. I'm not completely finished w/mine yet~just doing some here & there as I have time to do it. Just try that & if you need any more help, please feel free to ask me. I'm not an expert by any means but this is the 3rd template I've done & I've learned more each time I do it. If you wanted, you could give me your blogger name & password after you choose a template that you want, & I could get the template installed for you & then you can add what you want. Then you could go back & change your password. It's up to you though but do try going to the website I mentioned~they have some good templates. It's also where Amber got her's~that's how I found out about the site.

Let me know if you need any more help :)
Looks like you figured out how to insert a new template. Good for you! As far as putting things back on your sidebar goes....always copy & save your previous template so that you have the info. Everytime you change templates you will have to add it all again.