Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Found this

I was looking at another person's blog and I found this and i decided to do it.
1) Grade 2 teacher? Mrs. Fischer
2. Childhood pet? A black lab named blue
3. First kiss? Gr.7
4. First crush? Andrew Browne
5. My weakness? Pepsi
6. First ciggarette? Gr.7
7. Married? No, but I would like to be
8. Begged Parents for? I think it would be walk-mans because I seemed to go through really fast
9. What I always wanted? I want a big house with two floors and a big backyard and I think I would a pool in the backyard
10. What I absolutely would never do? I would never bungiejump. I am to freaked out to be up that high and i would be afraid that the rope might break
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I don't think I'd bungee jump either. I'd be waaaay to freaked! LOL
my mom has always said she would pay for me to go bungee jumping if i ever wanted. she knows i'll never do it!
ps. who won the photo contest? i never saw the end result...
I'm with you on the bungee jumping- put I have parasailed which I count as my daredevil credit on my to-do-list :)