Friday, March 30, 2007

Has anyone ever had this kind of dream

Your teeth falling out
Many people have dreams that they lose all of their teeth. In this dream, they may feel something strange in their mouth and then spit teeth into their hand, eventually losing all of their teeth. According to some, our teeth are related to our sense of power and our ability to communicate. Losing our teeth not only makes us embarrassed by our appearance, which hinders our communications, but it also lessens our power because we may not speak our minds. It's also associated with feelings about our appearance.

I have had this type of dream and it totally freaked me out. I would wake up and make sure all of my teeth are in my mouth. I don't have this dream very often but when i do, i instantly wake up and check my teeth. Anyone else have the same or similiar dream to that?
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I very much like this template. It's beautiful. Nice pick.

As for the dream, I've never had the teeth one....but I've had many where something terrible has happened and I try to dial 911 and I dial the wrong number like 13 times in a row so no one comes to help. It's horrible.