Sunday, August 17, 2008

What to say

Well since Aidan is sleeping I decided to write a post about him. He is such a wonderful baby right now. He is sleeping great during the day and night. He is usually awake at 5am but it doesnt really bother me. He doesnt cry at all, all he is does is moves around and make noises, so when i hear him i go and pick up. I cant wait until i can see his first smile.

Here are a few pics i took of him.

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He's adorable! I loved when my kids were little. But, we decided to stop at THREE. Three is plenty for this house! Now, I have my friends' babies and future (WAY IN THE FUTURE) grandkids to look forward to.

And that's okay with me!
Beautiful baby!
So glad that he is such a good baby for you!!!! Glad you had a chance to post something, too :)
I’m finally back to the blogging world and made my page visible to everyone. Please pop by! Can’t wait to re-connect with you again.
Cute Baby! Congrats!