Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So i had my ultrasound yesterday. Things are good, the techinican said the baby looks healthy! It turns out im 17weeks not 19 weeks! I have been feeling tiny movements every now and again so im glad about that.

While we were doing the ultrasound the baby was turning, fliping and kicking around. So it sounds like the baby is doing good. I was kinda worried about that, but i think all pregnant mothers worry about that. I ordered a picture of the ultrasound, since the printer wasnt working at the hospital. I will probably get the picture in a couple of days!

I found out that my sister is having a boy!! SO cool!! my sister is due around mother's day. So our babies will be a couple months apart!! So cool!!

Well thats all for now!! Remember stay tuned for the ultrasound picture!!
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SO glad your baby is doing well & can't wait for the ultrasound pic. Did you find out what you're having or are you waiting to reveal that once you post the ultrasound pic? Keep us updated :)
So.... the sex of the baby!! is...???!

So, what's your new due date?

Great to hear the baby is doing well!