Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what i did!!

So on Saturday was my birthday! I took the kids to the complex because my younger sister and brother were playing hockey!!The game ended up a tie game! So, it was a pretty good game considering that the other was up by 2 points!
The score ended up being 6-6!

Then after the hockey game we went out for lunch at Moose & Eddies! My sister & I had a bacon & cheese burger, Justin had the same, Jasmine had Chicken strips and fries, and Susan had a mediterran salad and Trevor had a Ceasar Salad! After lunch Susan took me to Walmart and got me some clothes, which i so needed! SO all in all it was a pretty good birthday!
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Happy (late) Birthday :) That sounds like you had a great day! Hope your b-day was a good one for you! Sorry I didn't wish you happy b-day on your actual b-day~the boys have both been sick (Justin's been sick all week w/croup & is finally getting better but still has a terrible lingering cough & Kendall began getting sick Thursday evening & is still sick~my poor babies :) ) & I've had some computer issues~I'm setting up home networking so Justin can have internet on his computer in his room~so he can put all his My.Space stuff on his computer~it was taking up too much memory on mine. Then when the boys got sick, I had to put all that on hold & just got that finished setting up a little bit ago.

ANYWAY, I hope you had a wonderful b-day & I hope your doing well w/your pregnancy. You haven't blogged much about it~is everything going ok? I hope so! Take care Summer.