Monday, January 7, 2008

nothing much!!

There is only one thing new around here!! I bought a printer for my computer!! When we got the computer it didnt come with one! So on Friday, Jan 4 i went out and bought one! The printer is a Hp c-3100! It scans, copys and prints. It is so cool!! I used the money that my dad and Grandpa sent me and it was not that expensive! So now i have the printer and now the kids have no excuse not to get their homework done! and of course i love it!
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Congrats! I love babies!
Wow - I haven't checked in awhile and just noticed you're expecting! How exciting. I hope it's all going well and that you will be blessed with lots of energy and health in the next several months :)
Well, I haven't been checking in regularly either as of late, and I was very excited for you when I caught up on your blog and see that you're expecting! That is very exciting, Congratulations!!! I'll be praying for you that you are feeling well these next few months!!!!!