Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, i decided to talk a little about my pregnancy! Things are finally going good! The morning sickness i had is gone, but certain smells still make me gag but i havent hurled in a couple of weeks now so i am so relieved about that! Still get tired easily, but i think that is expected since i have 3 kids to look after! Jasmine has been a great help with cooking and stuff!! I have a complete appointment on Tuesday the 29th, and my ultrasound is booked for the 25th of February. I think i will be taking Candace to that appointment since my appointment is at 12:30p.m and i wont have time to go to the school and pick her up! So stayed tuned!!
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Glad your pregnancy is going well :) I was like you are w/all of my pregnancies~certain smells would make me nauseous the entire pregnancies. Keep us updated after your appt. on 2/25 :) Take care!
Wow - 15 weeks already! I'm glad to hear you're feeling good.