Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hello to all the blogger readers out there!! I didnt realize that it has been so long since i last posted!! Hopefully i didnt lose any readers!!

What is going on in my life? Nothing really, except trying to get ready for the little one to arrive! I have been buying sleepers, and baby towels and little stuff like that!! It is so hard to buy clothes when you dont know the sex of the baby!! I set up the crib a couple of weeks ago and i realized that it turns out that the crib truns into a day bed! i am so excited that it turns out to be a day bed!

Oh, my sister had a baby boy yesterday!!! I am so excited that i have a little nephew!! He weighed 7lbs 7oz, s more ounces than Candace weighed!!

Well thats all for now. I will update more later!!
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I'm not sure I could handle not knowing the sex...
Maybe you'll have a boy and they could be best friends/cousins.