Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do I?

I was just wondering if i still have readers out there in bloggerland? The reason i havent been blogging is because i havent really been into it lately, and i really dont have anything to talk about.

I have been feeling good. The baby movements are getting more regular now. The sickenss is completely gone now but i still gag once awhile. Certain smells get to me.

Well thats all for now! Please if you come by my blog please leave a comment!! Thank you
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hi my name is Verna, letting you know I stopped by your blog, wishing you well with your pregnancy
I'm still out there!

You still reading my blog? :)

Wishing you well with your pregnancy too.

My morning sickness is gone too - and yes, certain smells make me gag too :(
I pop in when my RSS feeder give me an update for you. I'm glad all is well!
HI! I was beginning to wonder if you were still around. I too only pop over when my Google Reader tells me that you have a new post to read! I haven't left any comments since you haven't written any post to comment on... :o) I haven't seen you over at my blog for quite awhile now. Glad to hear all is going well with you.
Hope you are keeping well my frnd .Take and let us know :) :)
take care I mean He!He!He!