Saturday, August 2, 2008

July 23, 2008

That is the day that my little guy was born! The labour was kind of fast for me. I woke up in the middle of the night with cramping but i was able to sleep. The real contractions started mid-morning until 4:10pm, then my water broke. I needed my son to call for a ride to the hospital. When we pulled up to the Hospitl my water broke, i needed a wheelchair at that point and i said to the guy " hurry up and get me to the maternity floor I have the urge to push" and i was right as soon as i was on the bed i started to push and my son was born at 5:04pm. So, i will sum up my labour and delivery in one word "Fast".

His name is Aidan Brody

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He is beautiful! Congrats!!! How are things going? What do your other three think about him?

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awww! He's beautiful! I love his name:) Congrats to you all!!!
Congratulations! He's beautiful, and he was born on my birthday, so he's extra special ;).
He's gorgeous Summer, congratulations. That is a super quick labor for sure! Hope you are recovering quickly and enjoying having a newborn in the goes by so quickly *sniff sniff*
He is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations!
SUMMER! He is one of the sweetest baby boys I have ever seen! Congratulations!!!! I was just wondering if you had had your baby already. I can't believe you went straight from the wheelchair to, intense!! How does it feel having a newborn in the house again? All the best!!!
Big Congratulations Summer & Family! Aidan is absolutely beautiful :) And you are right, you did have a fast labor!! What were your other 3 children's reaction? I'm so happy for you & I'm so glad everyone's healthy & happy :) Congratulations again~he's adorable!
Congrats Summer!
Wow - that was fast! Congratulations - Aidan is beautiful :)
Congratulations on the the birth of Aidan!