Friday, April 13, 2007

Myths about Dieting

1. Over 95% of dieters regain weight because of genes, hormones & no self-control.
FALSE. Keeping weight off simply requires different skills than losing weight on a diet.

2. Exercise makes it easier to lose weight because it burns calories & decreases hunger.
FALSE. Exercise increases hunger & must be balanced with proper amounts of food.

3. Eating high-calorie/high-fat foods or eating late at night is always fattening.
FALSE. Staying within your daily calorie allowance prevents fat gain 24 hours a day.

4. North Americans are generally eating less fat and losing weight.
FALSE. We're eating less fat, but more calories & we're gaining weight.

5. Liposuction on your thighs permanently removes fat cells, so your thighs stay lean.
FALSE. Your body creates new fat cells in the same area as you store extra calories.

6. The fat in cellulite is more stubborn to burn than normal fat.
FALSE. Cellulite is overstuffed with normal fat, fluid retention & poor muscle tone.

7. Walking a mile burns as many calories as running a mile.
TRUE. The amount of work is the same, it just takes longer to walk.

8. Walking a mile burns more fat than running a mile.
TRUE. A greater percentage of calories are burned from fat at lower intensity levels.

9. If you overeat, then eat less at next mealtime or postpone your next meal.
TRUE. You're not missing the meal. You've already eaten it ahead of schedule.

10. Abdominal exercise trims fat off your midsection.
FALSE. You can only reduce overall body fat by burning more calories than you eat.
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Hmmmm. Very interesting.
Interesting topic. I've been struggling with my weight since I stopped pumping breastmilk for Porgie. I have a doctor's appointment Monday, and the only thing I am worried about is getting weighed. Ugh.
This is very infomrative. I, too, struggle w/my weight but am having to make major changes due to having Diabetes (Type 2). Thanks for this informative post :)