Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trendy Tuesday

Over at Drea's blog Fina'Drea she started this thing called Trendy Tuesday. I have a problem with bleeding gums and this toothpaste works great. I love it. This is the only toothpaste I use. The toothpaste has 12hr protection, and it also fights against all kinds of tooth & gum problems and it also whitens your teeth. So if you have a problem with bleeding gums, and you want 12hr protection, you should get this toothpaste. I also found with this toothpaste you don't have plaque on your teeth in the morning.
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Fun, I want to try this Trendy Tuesday idea some time. I have to admit though that Crest complete is the only kind I use ;)
I love toothpaste :-) Im always changing brands though. Guess its like gum.. haha. Im a lways changing flavors.

If your gums are bleeding you should floss. That always fixed my bleeding gum problem. Flossing is really good for good teeth.My friend was a hygenist and I learned through her the importance of it .:-)
oh and thanks for participating!!
That's the toothpaste I use also! I agree with Drea about the flossing! My hubby had horrible gums and now he flosses better and his gums stopped bleeding!