Monday, April 2, 2007

I think

I think this template will be here to stay for awhile. I'm sorry I 've been changing my template so much. Since I like roses and flowers and since it is the Springtime. I thought this would be more appropriate for the season. Which template do you like the best this one or the one with the sunset?

P.S. Scroll down the blog and you will see I added I bit more stuff to the blog.
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Love the rose template. Don't worry about it...change it all you want. I have had MANY different templates in the past and I am finally in love with the one I currently have.

I just wanted to let you know that if you move your playlist to the bottom of your page footer then your posts wouldn't be pushed down. Whatever you think though. Have a good day.
Love the rose template to. It's a keeper.
The rose template is very pretty! Have fun with your blog and change it all you want:o)
I like this template alot :) It's very pretty :) Change it all you want though, that's the way we find out what we like the best :)
I personally like the Sunset one, but it's not my blog. The roses are wonderful for spring too.